Focus on Your Bookkeeping

BAS deadlines are fast approaching, so now is the time to get organised! Look at engaging a bookkeeper to help your business and get your Business Activity Statement in on time.

Hiring a Bookkeeper that is also a qualified BAS Agent for your business can be a great decision for your business interests. Having professional bookkeeping services to help you with your financials and records means you can just focus on what really matters: running your business and doing what you can to get through this strenuous year. Fabiana is a Registered BAS Agent as well as a qualified Bookkeeper, so you’re in good hands.

Do What You Love

Focusing on your work and ways you can adapt to the current economic climate become much easier if you do not have to use all your energy keeping your books or collating your receipts. Leave the paperwork to us and you go do the important work of your business. Having a professional Bookkeeper also means you can rest easy knowing that you have an expert in the field taking care of the financial aspects of owning your business, and giving you more confidence that you can weather the current economic climate with a bit of excellent support behind you.


Leave the Details to the Bookkeeper

Another benefit of engaging a bookkeeper is that you can work together to create a better cash flow and budget for the future – something we believe has become increasingly important in these times as our economy suffers the effects of the global pandemic. Here at Focus Bookkeeping, we can help highlight areas for you where spending might be reduced, by helping you with well-kept records, and a budget that is easier to adhere to and uphold. As well as this, engaging our services mean you are in the best position to avoid any late fees or penalties from the ATO through improper or late reporting of your tax or superannuation payments for the financial year. Engaging a bookkeeping service like Focus Bookkeeping also means that overall you will be making smarter financial decisions because you have a good handle on when and where your money is flowing, allowing you to ultimately save in areas that may have ben previously overlooked. The bonus with us at Focus Bookkeeping is that we’re a BAS Agent as well as a bookkeeping service!


Budgeting Benefits

Fabiana can specifically assist you to secure your finances and work out a budget that benefits

  • Small-to-Medium Businesses
  • Sole traders
  • Businesses in their first year or first 3 years
  • Businesses that have experienced a reduction in their operations due to coronavirus

By engaging our services for bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and as your BAS Agent, you can trust that you have a true expert handling the parts of your business that you may not be as confident in. Bookkeeping and finance management are especially important in the current economy, that has seen much upheaval and downturn of late. We will help you get organised and create systems that will also take you forward with less concerns about having everything you need to meet the coming deadlines head on!


Did You Know?

Focus Bookkeeping can help your business with ongoing services like Bookkeeping in General, Payroll and Superannuation, BAS preparation, BAS review, and BAS lodgement. Read more about Fabiana and Focus Bookkeeping. Contact Fabiana for a free chat.