Is your Business ready for the Holiday Season?

With holidays right around the corner, we have gathered a few tips to ensure your business is ready for the Christmas and the Holiday Season.

It is always wise to have a check list to prep your business so you can kick off the new year with a great start.


     1. Staff

  • Meet with your team to inform them of what is happening in your business over the holiday season.
  • Make sure all the holiday pay rates are set and up to date for working on certain days.
    (Fair Work Australia).
  • If you plan to close your business, organise your payroll prior to that. Set up automatic payments and pay runs.
  • Double check everyone has time allocated and the dates for holiday or committed to work are all confirmed because no one like surprises!
  • If your business is closed during the festive season, develop a plan to have some staff work on some days or be on call, but this will depend on the type of business that you operate.
  • If your business is hospitality, make sure to hire extra staff. Create a roster to make sure you are not short-staffed.
  • Offering customers, the ability to pre-book via your website or your social media, then you will have an idea how many staff you will need.

     2. Customers

  • Send a Christmas message to your clients to wish them a very Merry Xmas and inform them of what is happening in your business over the Xmas and New Year holiday period.
  • This is also a perfect time to touch base with your database. You have a special reason and make the very best use of it. Give your Christmas greeting a personal touch.
  • If you have any special offer, make sure to email your database to let them know.
  • If your business can send a gift to your customers, ensure it is branded with your logo. It is an opportunity to promote your business.
  • Create a message in your emails informing your business hours or close hours during holiday season.
  • Set up an automatic “out office” message

     3. Stay Organised

  • Order any additional supply that you may need
  • Schedule social media content, make sure that SEO and content is implemented wisely.
  • If your business involves shopping online, make sure your website is running smoothly and able to handle new customers in addition to existing clients.
  • Make sure you have enough stock for the product, if not your website is setting to inform any “sold out” prior to receive any payment.
  • Double check and troubleshoot all payments processing.
  • Update your website with your holiday season hours and any additional policies including returns, special pricing, shipping, and deliveries.
  • Having a budget in place is crucial to ensuring Christmas is success and managed well
  • Regarding stock, manage the time to post of stock to get to customers and manage their expectations.
  • Manage your cash flow. If the holiday period is a quiet month for your business, take a close look at your expenses to see if there’s any spending that can wait until your business is back into a regular trading rhythm.

     4. Get ready for 2022

Is all the planning for the new year start date set up?

  • Have you got a clear vision for you and your team what the plan of focus will be in 2022?
  • What streamlining of processes and insights do you want to carry forward into 2022 to make your business run smoother and more efficiently?
  • If your sales are a little slow over holiday season, use the time to hit the ground running in the new year.
  • Work in your to-do list including inventory, make a comprehensive competitor analysis or researching the market for new products, supplies or services.
  • It’s also a great time to have a sale and get rid of slow-moving stock and clean up the warehouse!


Enjoy the Holiday Season!

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