Xero is an all-in-one accounting software, providing everything you need to run your business. It is a fast, simple, and powerful software that can be customised to suit your specific needs as a business owner. It can be trialled for free, for a period of 30 days. After trial, you can pay to choose the plan that best benefits your business.


What are some reasons that Xero is the go to accounting software?


Xero can make your business life easier

  • Tasks such as invoicing, reporting and even JobKeeper payment allocations can be automated, relieving you of the burden to remember these tasks


It connects straight to the Cloud

  • For Apple users out there, Xero is automatically backed up on iCloud, meaning that whether you switch from an iPad, iMac, or iPhone, all the updated data will be right there where you left it


It connects straight to your bank

  • Xero connects straight to your bank and provides you with an up to date info sheet about your current cash flow. Transactions automatically flow into Xero, and these can be reconciled every day
  • There is also currency conversion, meaning that for a business with plans to be a global entity it is much easier to do business internationally! Xero has an inbuilt currency converter so that all your calculations can be done there and then


It allows you to collaborate with others in real time

  • No matter where people are in the world, or what device they are using, they can simply log into Xero and collaborate with one another with no extra charge
  • Comments can be left between users so that business data and thoughts can be discussed in real time
  • Bookkeepers are able to create invoices and submit them for approval. They can also monitor and send through timesheets for employees to be paid appropriately


Everything can be found in one place

  • Xero is a powerful and all in one answer to the stresses of your businesses, primarily because records are kept tidy, and everything runs smoothly
  • Bank and financial information can be easily synced so that your bookkeeper/ accountant can easily find what they need. This way can save both time and money


It can be easily integrated with other software

  • Xero already works well by itself, but depending on what industry you are with, it can work easily with a range of other programs and software
  • Providers can be synced to work with Xero, as it is proven to be one of the most compatible programs that integrate with over 800+ apps


What are some benefits of upgrading my Xero account?

The usefulness of Xero can be taken advantage of by accessing its App Marketplace:

  • Build onto your plan with add-ons such as the Xero Expenses, Xero Inventory and Xero Projects
  • Discover and get in touch with hundreds of third-party software that connect with Xero to improve your business efficiency




Here at Focus Bookkeeping, we are proudly Xero Certified and a Xero Partner. We are customer focused and quick to help our clients get their financials in order. That way, our clients can focus their attention on running and growing their businesses.

Even though Xero is an incredibly handy accounting software, it is still vital that you have a bookkeeper supporting your business. This is because they are very knowledgeable in this software and can save you time to focus on doing what you love with your business!

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